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We may not be Superman, but we are RateHero, and as such we are here to save you when it comes to rates. Our mission is to ensure no one pulls the wool over your eyes when it comes to rates and finances.

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Most people don’t realize how important each and every day is in the whole scheme of finances. Time can be a blessing or a curse dependent on the rates you get. Get time on your side by using better rates.

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Did you know most large banks only offer 0.01% APY for their Savings and Money Market Rate? Our goal is to rescue people who have low savings rates and show them rates they can get excited about.

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Get more from your savings account with one of our high yield rates for Savings or Money Markets.

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All rates listed are FDIC Insured. All accounts listed are guaranteed and backed by the FDIC. Rest assured!

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Why settle for less than the best? We couldn’t think of a reason either and that is why we list the top rates.

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