7 Steps to Follow If You’ve Been Laid Off

Job security is more important than ever to everyone. No one wants to be on the receiving end of a pink slip, but with unemployment rising at an alarming rate, it is almost inevitable. What can you do if you’ve just been laid off? Here are some tips to help: Take Stock of Your Finances First, … [Read More...]

Beating the Odds of Small Business Failure

You have read stories of how the giant corporations you see today were once small businesses and became a corporate empire. On the other hand, you keep on hearing about business start ups that run successfully then after a year or so, they go under. Some people attribute it to bad luck or the … [Read More...]

Hiring A Payroll Company

In business it is often a good idea to hire outside of your company for certain tasks. This is called outsourcing and it is a very good idea for some things. One of these tasks for which it can be profitable is payroll. The payroll is such a mundane part of business but it is so essential to keeping … [Read More...]

Focusing On Expansion With Investors

The best way to expand a business is to collect money from investors. There are several ways that your small business can focus on expansion with investors. Small businesses cannot offer stocks, but they can participate in a venture capital program. Many small businesses take off with cash infusions … [Read More...]

Managing Your Business Credit Cards

Many businesses use credit cards for short-term financing. Credit cards for businesses generally have larger credit limits, better interest rates, and more attractive payment plans that personal credit cards. When a company has a credit card, it often has a protocol in place for spending and … [Read More...]